“Why don’t men read the instructions?”

It’s a question you’ve likely heard before. Maybe you’ve even witnessed the age-old stereotype, watching your dad assemble a piece of furniture or your friend fix an appliance. Over your shoulder you hear someone ask, “Why don’t men read the instructions?”

I’ve wrestled with that question for a while. I’ve never seen the manual as something to ignore. Whether you’re building a model airplane, cooking a recipe or learning a new skill, it helps to have a little instruction. That’s what my blog is about.

So come with me as I take a closer look at health and wellness, relationships, DIY and the great outdoors. Hopefully I can share my interests with you and we’ll learn, step by step, how to make ourselves better men.

Dylan Bartlett is a lifestyle blogger from the City of Brotherly Love. Though Philadelphia is home-sweet-home, he’s fond of the outdoors and takes frequent trips for fresh air and open sky. He enjoys talking and writing about nature, health and wellness, DIY and relationships… subjects you can read about on his blog, Just a Regular Guide.

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