Is quarantine giving you a craving for carbs? If you don’t want to emerge from the COVID-19 epidemic with a pouch, why not give the keto diet a try? After all, you now have the perfect excuse to experiment with new recipes. 

Proponents of keto claim that it can accelerate weight loss and bust through insulin resistance. Can the plan benefit every guy, and does it work? How can you get started on your journey? 

Can Keto Help You Lose Weight?  

Keto advocates boast many advantages to the meal plan, like the accelerated weight loss. The ketogenic diet is high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates. When you limit the number of carbs in your diet, your body relies on the liver to break down stored fats into substances called ketones — hence, the name of the plan.

Research does show that this eating plan accelerates weight loss more rapidly than reducing caloric intake. Why? Well, for one, you get to eat protein throughout the day, a macronutrient that guys who hit the gym hard need in large amounts. This intake provides your muscles with all the amino acids necessary for repair. 

The other factor has to do with insulin. High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets improve blood sugar control in those with too much insulin in the blood, as well as obese and diabetic individuals. Such folks often struggle to lose weight because their body chemistry prompts them to store excess fat. 

Example of the keto diet.

Previous research indicates that in people with Type 2 diabetes, this meal plan decreases the need for medications and helps them manage their blood sugar more effectively. Over the short term, few dispute this.

Some scientists have raised questions about the long-term effects of such a diet when the individual returns to eating carbohydrates. Restricting carbohydrate intake does alter the way that your liver processes glucose. 

However, if you are a savvy meal planner like me, and you love getting in the kitchen once per week to make meals, you can reap the benefits of keto. Who knows? By the time you emerge from your coronavirus quarantine, you can have those svelte six-pack abs you’ve always wanted. 

Giving Keto a Go? Suggested Recipes

  • Keto mushroom omelet: Why not start your day the keto way? This delicious mushroom and egg omelet starts your day with filling protein and fat. Plus, it’s such a traditional favorite, your family won’t know that you’re trying to make them healthier. 
  • Keto bacon-cauliflower mac & cheese: Yes, you can’t have mac & cheese on the keto diet. All you have to do is ditch the noodles in favor of cauliflower. The addition of bacon gives you extra protein and fat. 
  • Keto chicken parmesan: Substitutions make keto life sweeter, and pork rinds make a unique and crunchy substitute for the breadcrumbs in traditional chicken parmesan. The trick to this recipe is choosing the right tomato sauce. Commercial pasta sauces can contain a significant amount of added sugar, a no-no on this plan. Look for an organic version with no additives. 
  • Garlic lover’s roast beef: The best part about keto, guys, is yes, you can indulge your urge for beef. Plus, you can use any leftovers as a perfect filling for lettuce wraps. You only need six ingredients to whip up this dish, so you may not need to venture out to the grocery store. 
  • Instant Pot keto chili: When you don’t have a ton of time on your hands, an Instant Pot makes dinner a snap. This recipe is so hearty and filling that you will race home to indulge in a bowl or two. Pro tip: Use fresh oregano and cilantro to increase your phytonutrient intake. 
  • Keto pumpkin muffins with cream cheese filling: Who said that you can’t have dessert on keto? These tasty treats are filled with protein and fiber to keep you feeling full. Plus, they taste so delicious, you won’t miss the lack of added sugar. 

Give the Keto Diet a Try 

If you have time on your hands right now, why not put it to use improving your diet with keto? The only thing you have to lose is unwanted weight.