If you feel a touch of cabin fever right now, you’re not alone. Why not get outside and barbecue? There aren’t any restrictions against using your backyard or balcony, so feel free to fire up the grill. 

Before you toss on another handful of dogs or burgers, though, hit the pause button. Think outside of the proverbial box. How can you use your grill in a unique way? 

Here are seven ideas to get you started. 

1. Use Your Foreman as a Griddle 

Can you make an egg on the grill? You can if it’s a George Foreman model, and if you have an outlet on your patio, take it outside. The slats make an ideal griddle, and if you love meat, you can throw some bacon or sausage links on, too.

Watch the unwanted grease and fat drain away, and then dig into a hearty breakfast.

2. Make It a Community Affair 

Right now, social distancing has become the new norm. However, around the world, neighbors are keeping in touch by playing music, games and more from their respective porches and balconies. Why not borrow the idea, only with the grill involved? 

You don’t want to host a cook-off because you would need to make contact. However, you can use apps like Nextdoor to get the community involved.

Hang up some festive party lights — some radio stations are even playing holiday music during the shutdown. Pretend it’s Christmas in March and raise a toast to your neighbors — from a safe distance. 

3. Reheat Last Night’s Leftovers

Do you watch the Food Network hit show, “Chopped?” If you don’t, contestants need to create gourmet meals with four very eclectic basket ingredients — the kind you’d find in leftover takeout containers. You can bring new life to old grub, too, by using your grill. 

Repurpose cutes like roast beef and turkey from sandwiches by searing them for a few seconds each side. You’ll get a crispy edge that tastes like you sliced the meat fresh from the brisket. Whip up a salad or soup from leftover vegetables and add a dinner roll. You have a full meal in minutes. 

Man grilling.

4. Add Wood Chips for Flavor 

You know that charcoal briquettes impart a ton of smoky flavor, but you can go a step further. Why not add some mesquite or hickory chips to the mix? You won’t need to use liquid smoke in your marinade if you let wood chips do the work for you. 

Don’t feel like you’re out of luck if you have a gas grill. Does your model have a smoker box? If it doesn’t, you can wrap your wood chips in aluminum foil and poke a few holes to let the aroma escape. 

5. Make Beef Broth Ice Cubes 

Why would you want to make ice cubes out of beef broth unless you were embarking on a liquid version of a high-protein diet? When it comes to grilling, this technique keeps your burgers and more moist and juicy.

Once you flip your meat, add the cube to the top. As it melts, it moisturizes the cut.

6. Wrap Your Meat in Cloth 

Another way to keep your meat super-moist is by taking a tip from Columbia. When they prepare Lomo al Trapo, they wrap their beef tenderloin in cloth before throwing it on the grill.

You can toss your cuts directly onto the coals using this method. Don’t worry if the fabric burns a bit. When you remove it, the steak inside will remain juicy and delicious. 

7. Fire Grill a Tasty Pizza 

One of the first foods that grocery stores run out of is frozen pizza, but why settle for a boring store-bought version when you can grill a homemade one, anyway?

The best pizzas come from the hottest ovens possible, and you can make your grill warmer than your oven. Nearly any dough recipe will rise to crispy perfection using this method.  

Get Creative With Your Grill Using These Tips 

You don’t have to remain indoors for everything while the coronavirus shutdown continues. Fire up your grill and enjoy some fresh air.